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Utitz, is a sustainable maternity clothing brand suited for during and after your pregnancy. It was created by the designer yifat Ady Utitz, a graduate of Shenkar’s department of fashion design. Her designs were displayed globally in magazines such as VOUGE, At, and many more.

Our mission is to provide pregnant women with maternity clothes that will be of use long after the pregnancy is over.

We design and manufacture our line in Israel. The design is expandable, and is made to fit you at any given point of your pregnancy and after.

We believe pregnancy clothes should be functional but also fashionable. Therefore, we pay special attention to details like choosing flattering styles, soft and flowing fabrics and prints. Our sizes range from 34-42 (EU).

We’re here for you for any question or request, to provide you with the best shopping experience. Enjoy shopping! With love,

Yifat Ady Utitz

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                                                          YIFAT UTITZ ADI
                                                          Designer & Founder



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